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What technology works best for students?


Whatever tools teachers use in their instruction, a lot of thought must be involved when implementing technology into the lesson.  The use of technology should enhance and expand the lesson, not glamorize it.  Some ideas I found that should help in determining what to use and if it should be used:

1.  Be sure and select the appropriate technology.  “Tony Bates, an elearning and distance education planning and management consultant, offered some insights on what to consider when making technology decisions.” (

S Is the technology appropriate for students?
E Is it easy to use and reliable?
C What are its direct and indirect costs?
T How will it support teaching and learning?
I What kinds of interaction will it make possible?
O What organizational issues will be involved?
N How much of a novelty is this technology?
S Will it let us start courses and make changes with the speed we need? Is it secure?

Another online article explores the pros and cons of devices…

2.  Apps/Programs…

Some ideas on hip new apps:

a.  Nearpod –

b.  Study Blue –

c.  Google Drive – where the teacher can have 1:1 time with the entire class at pretty much the same time!

2.  Technology Gadgets

a.  The Smart Board!  Cool beans stuff…but pricey!!

b.  Smart Board with an app:

c.  Chrome Books – …pricey with monthly fees.


11.04.2013; WordPress


After being away from teaching for twenty years, I have decided to go back!  I know everyone thinks that I am crazy but I miss it.  I am tired of being sad when all the kiddos go back to school and I am not in the classroom.  Sooooo, I am going back.  I am not going cold turkey.  I have decided to get my masters in Education.  So, this blog is my record of my experiences – good and bad.

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